Justin Ziegelmueller

Digital Outreach Committee Leader & Founding Boardmember

Justin Ziegelmueller is a senior at Northside College Prep and currently leads the digital front of Vote16 Illinois. He manages social media, website, mailings, and internal online resources, while contributing to the political strategy of Vote16.

Justin co-founded Vote16 Illinois in the summer of 2016 (read more about our history here), and has always been driven towards local activism. He has been involved in other politically-oriented organizations, including Illinois High School Democrats and Chicago Students Union, as well as a variety of other activities, including the NCP Student Council, Debate Team, Makerspace squad, Code Club, and Latin Club.

Justin is also the Vote16 USA National Youth Advisory Board representative for Vote16 Illinois.

Find Justin online here, or follow him on one of the following sites: