One Simple Goal:

Vote16 Illinois is a chapter of a national, student-led organization that seeks to bring suffrage to youth across the country through legislative change. Through this effort, we hope to become a bastion of youth involvement, to elevate the voices of the future, and to have a bit of fun while we’re at it.

Many Complex Elements:

While Vote16 began as an effort seeking legislative change, it quickly became apparent that such change would be meaningless without a community of youth powering the movement, advocating for the future, and demonstrating their potential as citizens. As such, the campaign now includes multiple civic education initiatives, youth involvement opportunities, myriad events, and a few publications featuring youth, all with the common goal of uniting the community.



Vote16 Illinois is a student-led chapter of a national, nonpartisan organization to extend suffrage to sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds in municipal elections, as we believe this will cultivate lifetime civic participation among a new generation of Americans.

It’s as simple as that.

Our goals include:

  1. Creating​ a critical mass of public support for lowering the voting age in local elections, particularly among youth, through civics classes, youth political organizations, and social Media.
  2. Advocating​ for the passage of city council resolutions in support of lowering the municipal voting age, leveraging grassroots youth support.
  3. Engaging​ state representatives in the creation and introduction of the necessary state legislation to expand the vote.
  4. Harnessing​ the power of habitual voting and civic engagement to decrease voter apathy in the long-term.


Vote16 By The Numbers

100+ Active Members

22 Schools

63 Alumni Members

1 Community. 1 Goal. 1 State.

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